Graphic Design on a Dime!

Not a design Revolution, but a design Evolution! Darwin aside, the constant evolution in my business practices, in my methodology – particularly as it applies to web design – has meant I have kept up with changes in tastes and in the market to make my design work more appealing.

In terms of web design, I have traveled from pure HTML and all its limitations, to XHTML and CSS and the standards it brought, to PHP and the power of programming my own applications, to CodeIgniter that made my web creation even faster, and – finally – to the WordPress framework that has finally allowed me to grow my hair back (for the most part), after having pulled it out after long years of learning technologies that were just too time-consuming.

But don’t get me wrong. Web design and building is NOT the primary aim of my business – though it does make up the bulk of it presently – it is in Graphic Design. And what is graphic design, you ask? It is the process of using various media to create descriptive artwork for advertising; to illustrate an occasion or a feeling, to make something that is tangible and that will be displayed in public to influence and inform. This process is different from graphic art because it does not (usually) involve the creation of unique artwork. Instead, a designer uses existing artwork and modifies it for a particular purpose (most artwork coming from clip-art services). That’s not a limitation, but a constructive use of other people’s talents.

That is what I do – I use existing artwork and my skills with the Adobe Creative Suite to make something new for the purposes of advertising for a business. And I’ve made designs for flyers, postcards, bumper stickers, and t-shirts, as well as for web sites. It’s about the desire to make a mark, to be different, and to help businesses to succeed however I can. That’s why I do what I do.